Genie’s Meal Plan

Genie’s Meal Plans: From Genie Francis’ Medifast Blog affiliate disclosure

One of the pages that I used to visit a lot from the medifast website was genie’s blog.  She used to list sample menus and it really helped me a lot.   (Note: this was before they had the pancakes, brownies, and ice cream.) You check out the Medifast Official Site for specifics, but below, I’ll summarize five days of her meals.  Notice that she switches out the time of her lean and green meals a lot.  (She doesn’t have it for dinner every day.) I also like how she mixes the shakes with coffee and the fruit drinks with tea.

Sample Day 1: medifast shake mixed with coffee; medifast apple cinnamon oatmeal;  medifast chicken and rice soup;  medifast caramel bar;  lean and green meal of steamed lobster with zucchini and mixed salad; and medifast banana pudding.

Sample Day 2: medifast scrambled eggs; medifast chai latte;  medifast beef veggie soup;  medifast dutch chocolate shake;  a lean and green salmon stir fry; and medifast raspberry iced tea.

Sample Day 3: medifast hot cocoa; lean and green meal at breakfast this time (omelet of eggs, bell pepper, spinach and green olives);  medifast strawberry crème shake; medifast oatmeal raisin bar; medifast crab soup for dinner (instead of a lean and green;)  medifast orange crème shake which has been frozen to take on the consistency of sherbert.

Sample Day 4: medifast blueberry oatmeal; medifast banana crème shake; a lean and green lunch of grilled chicken, spinach and bell peppers and salad; medifast cranberry mango drink (mixed with tea,)  medifast ready-to-drink shake, and medifast caramel nut bar.

Sample Day 5: medifast cappuccino; medifast fruit & nut granola bar; medifast homestyle chili; medifast peach iced tea;  a lean & green meal of a turkey burger with lettuce for a bun with tomato and green beans.

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