Medifast Momentum

UPDATE: These products have evolved over time.  I’m leaving the old articles as is below, but you should now that the metabolism boosting products have changed.  As of this writing (in August 2013) the current offerings meant to boost your metabolism are:

Medifast Calorie Burn Cappuccino

Medifast Essential1: Calorie Burn Green Tea Lemon Flavor Infuser™

Medifast Essential1: Calorie Burn Mixed Berry Flavor Infuser™

Momentum By medifast is a metabolism booster which contains 100 mg of Caffeine and 90 mg of EGCG.

The combination of Caffeine and EGCG found in three (3) Momentum products has been clinically shown to have the maximum effect on inducing thermogenesis which is basically “turning up the heat” on weight loss.

If you’re on the five plus one plan, you can consume any combination of a total of three momentum products daily.

There are a couple of choices here – there are three momentum medifast meals (banana creme shake, latte, and cappuccino) and three momentum flavor infusers (green tea, strawberry lemonade, and mixed berry). These taste a lot like crystal light. The momentum meals taste mostly like the originals.

For more information about this, visit the Medifast Official Site. (affiliate disclosure)

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