Hi there.  Welcome to my site. It’s my goal to make researching the medifast diet as easy as possible.  I’ve compiled info for you in one place (which I wish I had when I started out), from the most recent coupon codes/specials, lists / links to all of the medifast foods and products in one place, to a free medifast ebook. You can scroll down, look at the article inventory on the right, or take a look at the quick links below.  Good luck.  This diet is really not too bad in my opinion. Yes, there is a slight adjustment period at first, but once you begin to see the results, it gets much easier.   Speaking of results, common sense will tell you that they will vary (most literature indicates up to 2-5 pounds per week for the first couple of weeks and then tapering down after that,) but I do truly believe (and clinical trials show) that if you stick with this and follow along, you should make some decent progress. Keep in mind though, that by no means am I an expert (terms of service, affiliate disclosures)

Quick Medifast Resources/Links:

Design-a-Menu – lose weight with Medifast! (Info On Medifast’s Program Which Lets You Chose Your Own Foods (You Order Only What You Like)

Dutch Chocolate Shake

Medifast Dutch Chocolate Ready-to-Drink Shake (Description, Pricing, Etc.)

Medifast Essential1: Calorie Burn Mixed Berry Flavor Infuser™ (Metabolism Booster, How These Work)

Current Monthly Packages:  Medifast Medifast Favorites  (fan favorites,)

Medifast Chocolate Lovers (includes many chocolate flavored foods)

Medifast On-the-Go Favorites (includes foods that require very little (if any) preparation, and 

Medifast Gluten-Free Favorites
 (a package of safe foods for folks with gluten intolerance.)

Free Medifast Ebook (“Getting The Most Out Of Medifast“) (No information required, direct and immediate access. Click here. (Full food/product list here.)

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